Minister's Notes

Minister’s Notes, August 25, 2016


Summer blessings to everyone!

This was a slow week in the office, three short, planned meetings and time to work on liturgies for gatherings in the future.   I had a surprise visit from a previous church secretary, who was at RUH and just stopped by to visit for a bit.  It was great to catch up and to remember some of our antics, as we worked together.

Celebrate Spirit was on my mind as I emailed back and forth with Terry and met with Jorgina, one of our guest presenters for Celebrate Spirit.   Each piece just brings more excitement to me about this event.  I am carrying much optimism about this year’s gathering.   Hoping you are giving some consideration to registering for this event which has the potential to be our best ever.

I did receive two pieces that are dated well into the future and in keeping my promise to Tom, I will hold them until he is home from his holiday, and then share the information with you.

This Sunday, with all the power vested in me, I will lead you towards sainthood.  If that is frightening, stand up and take the risk; if it is mildly amusing, come for a laugh.

As I was working on liturgy this week, I came across a Serenity Prayer by Richard Holdsworth on the Progressive Christianity site, that touched me, perhaps because the Serenity Prayer, was the first prayer that I intentionally prayed, back a very long time ago, when life was difficult.  To conclude this week’s news I share this short prayer with you.  It speaks loudly to us.

Source of Good;

grant me the serenity
to accept
that I cannot change other people;

the courage
to change myself;

and the wisdom
to appreciate differences.

Minister’s Notes, August 18, 2016


Lorraine reviews her week which included a presentation about Meewasin Valley United to a class of Korean and Chinese Students at St. Andrew’s college. The questions and answers exposed the essence of MVU. The COG Central Organizing Group met to discuss our upcoming JNAC (Joint Needs Assessment), with the River Bend Presbytery. Learn more about MVU’s upcoming gatherings on the Saints, and Abuse.

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